Your smart search assistant acrossemail,files &personal cloud.


How it works


You know that file exists, but you can’t find it.

People have these problems because either they have forgotten the place where they stored the file (notebook, Google Drive, Dropbox,...), or they can’t recall the right keyword (the name of that person, that company, etc.).

Gary A. Fowler photo
Gary A. Fowler
CEO and President, Co-Founder at Findo

Findo finds important information and saves time.

Findo is an intelligent search assistant which can search by description while searching all your personal cloud, notebook, Dropbox, Evernote, Gmail, Outlook, Slack, etc. from one place.


Search Everywhere
from One Place

Connect all of your data locations, emails, files, contacts, Google Drives, DropBox, Box, Evernote, Outlook, Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Laptops, External Hard Drives, iPhones, iPads, and Findo will search from one place across your locations. Save time. Enjoy life. Findo increases productivity by having that information at your finger tips.


by Description

«Find the presentation from someone from Boston i received 3 months ago». This is what we call «search by description». When you can’t recall the name of that person or that company search with Findo. Findo builds a knowledge graph of your contacts, places, events, files, meeting recaps, invoices and other objects using Al and Semantic technologies. Findo understands the way you think, and it learns. Get more done, don’t waste hours recalling keywords.

Collaborate effectively with FindoBot

You just finished a project and realized that your colleague has completed a similar project. Don’t waste time redoing something that has already been done. Collaborate effectively. Findo allows you to search through shared locations. And more. Findo is fully integrated inside Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram and Skype through intelligent FindoBot. Findo delivers search results right into the messenger, so you can concentrate on your work. Meet your deadlines to get the job done!


Share Quickly

Your boss has a meeting with a client and needs to access a contract that is in a folder in one of your email accounts or Dropbox or Google Drive? You can’t afford to make a mistake. Findo will find that contract in seconds and will allow you to share it without having to switch between applications. Have a better professional image. Timing is everything.


Search on the go

Decisions are made today when you are not sitting at your desk. You are walking down the street. Your phone starts vibrating. It’s your client who is asking for a quote that was done 2 months ago. You need to get that information, now! Findo allows you to «access to your information everywhere». Gain more clients, be confident that your data does not require excessive time to find it.



Our top priority is the security of your data. We work diligently to protect your data starting with a secure login process, strong TLS and AES-256 bit data encryption. Our team follows the highest standards of engineering practices and employs state-of-the-art methodologies, tools and cloud services to build and maintain Findo. You can rest assured that we have implemented multiple levels of security to protect your data.