About Us

Findo is a Menlo Park, CA based company that is dedicated to helping you intelligently access information across your personal cloud, email and files. Our team consists of PhD’s from around the world and professionals with more than 10 years experience working in AI, NLP, semantic and search engine technologies. We planned and engineered an intelligent search assistant. Our unique features set us apart: search everywhere from one place, search by description, collaborate effectively right from messengers, share quickly, search on the go and we take security seriously. The result of our work is Findo, a intelligent search assistant like no other!


David Yang photo
David Yang
Founding Investor, Ph.D.,

Started 9 companies, including ABBYY, world leader in OCR, NLP, AI, 1300 employees, 16 offices, 13 countries, «Technology Pioneer» by the World Economic Forum, author of multiple patents, publications and a book.

Gary A. Fowler photo
Gary A. Fowler
CEO and President

Co-Founder 7 startups including GVA LaunchGurus (Top accelerator), IPO (CKSW), Co-Chairman of the Year AmCham Innovation Committee, TEDX speaker

Board of Advisors

Bill Reichert photo
Bill Reichert
Managing Director at Garage

Technology Ventures
Entrepreneur, venture capitalist, mentor, author, speaker, board member, advisor, educator, partner, spouse, parent, and general enthusiast. Not always in that order.

Rick Orloff photo
Rick Orloff
CISSP, Vice President and Chief Security

Chief Security Officer at Code42. Rick’s has developed and lead critical security programs at one of the largest Fortune 5 companies in the world, Apple Inc. and was the Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer at eBay. He is one of the top recognized global experts in security with over 20 years of experience.

Rick Orloff photo
Nicholas Davidov
Gagarin Capital Partners, Advisor
Masquerade Technologies

Business development and corporate strategy executive. Private Equity investments manager with a vast experience of sourcing, structuring and adding value to deals. Strategy visionary with effective hands-off management approach in portfolio companies, enabling rapid capitalisation growth.

Findo Team

Findo Team consists of: 13 engineers and 5 managers. Our engineers specialize in search, natural language processing, machine learning, deep learning, computational linguistics, applied mathematics, AI engineering, complex tasks in images and text analysis, speech recognition, analytics, neural networks, clusterization, semantic search, cloud, web and mobile solutions.