Findo’s Solutions

Findo solutionsFindo wanted to use the results achieved in image analysis with deep statistical models and to apply them to text analysis. The problem? Text data is extremely sparse: the more discrete the data, the more data is required to successfully train statistical models.

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Ladder Networks

ladder networksAlong with the VAE model, Findo is researching Ladder networks as well for semi-supervised approach. These have been shown to have great potential with the semi-supervised approach within the fields, where you can have access to small amount of labeled data and large amount of unlabeled data.

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The VAE Model

Variational AutoencodersVariational Autoencoders are one of the more interesting generative models Findo is working on. Basically, they combine ideas from deep learning with statistical inference. They can be used to learn a low dimensional representation (z) of high dimensional data (x) like images. X and Z refer to random variables here, unlike in standard auto encoders.

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Big Data: What Tools Can We Use To Understand It

Big data toolsAt the World Economic Forum in Davos this year, the topic of note was Big Data. The digital revolution is quickly being heralded as the fourth industrial revolution, with the physical, digital and biological worlds merging through technology. Indeed, areas like robotics, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things have seen some overwhelming progress.

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Will Artificial Intelligence Steal Your Job

ai artificial intelligenceArtificial intelligence is defined as technology displaying intelligence that is normally the domain of humans. Some estimate that computers will have outpaced human intelligence by 2030. Will machines take over our jobs?

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Deep learning technologies to organize Your Future Infobesity

findo search assistantThe world revolves around technology these days, and all of our data is stored on our online accounts, such as Dropbox, Gmail, and Google Drive. With advances in technology, we are able to learn more from deep learning.

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Universal Basic Income: Will Humans Become Lazy Or Will We Continue To Stay Employed

robot-keyboard-findoMany assistant programs are now being sold in the market such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Sound Hound, that have come about to make our lives better and easier, and a few other startups that are still trying to make their way into the market.

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Findo is rocking ProductHunt

producthunt_findoFindo has officially been launched on ProductHunt, which makes it an extremely important day for our team. We have worked tirelessly on this product and we hope to get positive feedback on it from the advanced tech community.

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