Deep learning technologies to organize Your Future Infobesity

findo search assistantThe world revolves around technology these days, and all of our data is stored on our online accounts, such as Dropbox, Gmail, and Google Drive. With advances in technology, we are able to learn more from deep learning.

Deep learning is simply a computational process that works the same way our brains worked when we were children. As kids, we start to differentiate animals from one another, such as a dog is different from a cat, due to the experiences we have with them and their behaviors, their colors and sizes, the different ways they react and respond to us and how we grow up hearing people around us calling them dogs, and not cats.

As kids, we learn how to speak because we mimic words that we hear from our parents. Then as we get older, we can detect grammar patterns and we understand the definitions of different words when our parents talk to us. That is how we build the ability to put words into sentences and start communicating with people around us.

Deep learning is when certain programs are built with smart functions which can be learned from experience. In this particular case, experience is what we call data. When our programs become smarter and properly trained, they have the ability to make educated assumptions and draw important insights.

So the information that we save on our clouds, we can now save onto smarter programs. A good example of this is a program known as Findo which applies deep learning to the data in your personal cloud. The program learns from your information. This program will then have the ability to manage your emails.

Findo has a great feature known as Predictive Insights. It filters out your important emails, and then will notify you when you need to respond to an email. Findo has the ability to differentiate which of your tasks are time-sensitive. Findo is a reliable program that should be used by everyone.

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