Findo is rocking ProductHunt

producthunt_findoFindo has officially been launched on ProductHunt, which makes it an extremely important day for our team. We have worked tirelessly on this product and we hope to get positive feedback on it from the advanced tech community.

Findo is a smart search assistant that can scan through your personal emails, files, images, notes and any other files in your Gmail, Dropbox, Google Drive, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Evernote and on your laptop. This program can understand human-like language which makes it easier for users to search through descriptions to help them find something they are looking for urgently.

The Product Predictive Insights feature allows the system to recognize personal emails from an important person which requires an immediate response. If you are out of the office or don’t have a computer near you, and you need to check your email to be able to respond to it, Findo will notify you through Slack or Facebook Messenger that you need to respond to an urgent email and will help you find what you are looking for within seconds.

When you have Findo search bot, you will be able to work in groups more effectively because you will be able to find files, presentations, photos, spreadsheets, numbers and other relevant information you and your group members may need and immediately share them through messaging platforms.

We are currently implementing state of the art unsupervised and semi supervised approaches such as the VAE models, Ladder Style models, and GAN style model to create a new and improved experience for people to be able to search through their personal data files. Findo is a smart assistant program that will make your life easier when it comes to searching for important files and notifying you about important emails.

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